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       Jake & Bailey's Amazing Adventures In Learning!!!

                          About “Jake & Bailey’s Amazing Adventures in Handwriting”  
Jake & Bailey’s Amazing Adventures in Handwriting! transports learning handwriting for children into the 21st Century, with an innovative edutainment skill building curriculum, that syncs traditional platforms in teaching handwriting with contemporary technology. 
The J&B signature handwriting program format embraces today’s models of play and education, by combining interactive touch screen technology, with the traditional story book reading and “pencil on paper” handwriting experience.  
This inaugural education curriculum is multi- tiered in design to promote continuity in skill development. The diversity of platforms of the story telling concept can easily be adapted to include an animated series, illustrated storybook, coupled with an “InteractivE Book”, filled with engaging skill building “InterActiviites”, and printable activity pages, for carry over of handwriting practice, and performance skill building. The functionality of the concept even allows for use of just the storybook, as a traditional storytelling experience, coupled with printable activity pages that can be downloaded from the “Jake & Bailey’s Amazing Adventures” website. The diversity of the whole concept can be offered in multi- product formats including an animated series, toys, gaming and board games ,et , al.
Jake, the ever-curious explorer, and Bailey, his best pup pal, embark on fun filled, and magical Amazing Adventures, that range in themes highlighting specific skill development, character building, emotion/self-esteem insight, and, of course -Letter and Word recognition, (orthographic processing), for handwriting preparedness. Each J&B Amazing Adventure Activity Booklet focuses on activities that inspire “kid driven” learning, through wondrous story telling experiences that spark a wandering imagination, and creative self -expression.  
The InteractiveE books focus on the skill development activities that relate to each storybook adventure. The E-book also includes feature options for the child to hear the story, with the words highlighted as the story is being told, to modify the experience for children with diverse learning abilities.
The unique imprint of the program follows a fundamental Occupational Therapy framework in skill building, by using goal centered activities that interlink both fun and function. Each story is strategically crafted as a universal template for all language alphabet development, by nurturing growth in fundamental skill sets that influence competency in handwriting, academics, and life skills success.                                                                                                                                                           
Multiple research findings are in consensus that the traditional method of learning handwriting, both printing and cursive, directly correlates to the brain development process in children in key performance areas, that can also influence ongoing brain activity maturation.  
These performance areas include: motor memory, fine motor, sensory-motor, visual-motor, visual perceptual, auditory processing and integration, emotion recognition, cognitive, speech/articulation, communication, object/word/sound recognition, social -emotional learning, and reading comprehension. Competency achieved in basic skill sets in turn translate into greater success in development of life skills management, and promote self- esteem awareness, leadership confidence, and character building. 
The printable activity sheets are available to encourage carry over of skill mastery in traditional format, including handwriting practice, scissors skills. letter and word recognition, creative expression, critical thinking, cognitive recall, and motor memory.  A facilitator guide is included with activity suggestions to customize the program for each child’s individual level of skill development, and progress. The program is user friendly for children to use on their own, and, even better, in sharing each “Amazing Adventure” experience with family and friends!  
“Jake & Bailey’s Amazing Adventures in Handwriting!” mission is to offer a quality driven education tool, that universally connects kids on a global level, by using storytelling experiences that reflect today’s learning culture, and include the essentials of heart, mind, and the spirit of today’s children, as part of its core content. 
 The ultimate commitment of “Jake & Bailey’s Amazing Adventures” is to empower each child with a “tool box” of diverse skill sets that cultivate an innate sense of personal confidence to rise above the challenges of their daily life demands and achieve their own personal best success.