CharacterAssets -    Youth Leadership - Service Learning
CharacterAssets©is an innovative youth enrichment program that fully eclipses the standards of learning in comparison to all other character and risk prevention programs. The program's unique signature format is based on an Occupational Therapy-Activity Directed learning approach that fosters Character Leadership, Life Skills Education, and Social/Emotional Development, while engaging youth in therapeutic performance skill building activities that are goal measurable in outcome, with topics/themes that reflect their individual daily life demands and personal life challenges.
CharacterAssets© integrates core positive youth development performance skills, and key risk avoidance factors, of Character Building,Self-esteem, Social-Emotional Learning Development (SEL), Life Skills Competency, and Civic Leadership, into one comprehensive curriculum that ensures evidenced based outcome for all participants. 

The program focuses on both group and individual dynamics of learning through therapeutic activity participation.  The  Occupational Therapy activity based format enables the learning experiences to be easily adapted to satisfy the needs of a diverse population of youth, including those identified as behavioral/ learning and physically challenged.  

The CharacterAssets© Program has been recognized by the House of Representatives, and the Office of the Governor of the State of New Jersey, for its contribution to the youth of New Jersey, and community service learning achievements.  It was awarded the "Program of Excellence In Design" by the New Jersey Parks and Recreation Commission.

CharacterAssets, Inc. has been invited to present at workshops and conferences including the New Jersey Civic Leadership Conference for Girl Scouts, and the New Jersey Character Education Conference. The CharacterAssets©  program is directly responsible for implementing original community wide service learning initiatives in New Jersey, "With Great Character". School based youth driven initiatives include an original service project to support bully and violence prevention called"Project PEACEWORKS!", which also included a school wide campaign, and original video presentations by students, on bully and violence prevention strategies. 
According to CASEL, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, learning curriculums that include an emphasis on skill building in SEL development further reinforces in our youth a greater potential for academic success, and enhanced prevention in high risk behaviors including substance abuse, truancy, violence, and bullying.  Also in a landmark review conducted by CASEL, students who receive SEL education had generally more positive attitudes about education, and improved an average of 11 percentile points on standardized achievement tests in comparison to students who did not receive/have SEL education within a learning environment, which could be well founded to include after school program type initiatives, as well.  (