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Jake & Bailey's AMAZING Adventures 
In Handwriting!

 "Jake & Bailey’s Amazing Adventures in Handwriting!", transports learning handwriting for children into the 21st Century, with an innovative edutainment format in skill building that syncs technology with traditional platforms in teaching handwriting. The concept includes a book /AR app and a specially designed pen/pencil grip.

The J&B signature program format embraces today’s models of play and education, by using Augmented Reality and touch screen technology, to enhance the traditional story book reading and “pencil on paper” handwriting experience. 

Jake, the ever-curious explorer, and Bailey, his best pup pal, embark on fun filled, and magical Amazing Adventures that highlight each letter of the alphabet. Each J&B Amazing Adventure Activity Book inspires "kid driven" learning, through wondrous story telling experiences that spark a wandering imagination, and creative self expression. 

The unique imprint of the program follows a fundamental Occupational Therapy framework in skill building by using goal centered activities that interlink both fun and function. Each story is strategically crafted to engage a range of of performance areas. It is a universal template for all language alphabet development, by its nurturing growth in critical skill sets that globally influence competency in handwriting -academics - self-esteem - life skills success. It is adaptable for children of diverse "abilities". 

Jake & Bailey's Amazing Adventures In Learning  and The LearnWRITE Grip are Copyrighted under the CharacterAssets Program